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Sightseeing Charters



'Illusion' offers a unique experience on Jervis Bay for a personalised group of up to 22 passengers.

We cater for tailored trips in and around Jervis Bay, and can include a number of activities such as sightseeing, snorkelling, dolphin watching, seal colony visits, bird and whale watching.

- Fairy Penguins and Sea Birds can be seen on
our trips,there is a fairy penguin colony on
Bowen Island which is at the mouth of Jervis

- Jervis Bay is famous for its Dolphins, and
they love nothing more than sitting on the bow
wave of 'Illusion' and scratching their backs.

- The most common whales that we see in Jervis
Bay are Humpback and Southern Right whales,
whose sheer size leaves a lasting impression
with all our guests.

- The clowns of the sea, or common fur seals
love nothing more than chasing each other
around the water and then relaxing on the
rocky ledges south of Jervis Bay, and you
will be able to watch this all from the
comfort of 'Illusion'.

With our customized sightseeing tours we can also give you an in depth tour of Jervis Bay, showing you some of the historic locations, best fishing spots and some fantastic beaches to laze on or snorkel after your tour.

Our tours are personalised and run on demand only.